Creating chalkbags was how CHC started the business. Made from hard-wearing
cotton and other recycled. Every chalkbag is unique — no two are the same!

The chalkbag is a key piece of climbing equipment. How many times a day do we dip our hands into them, be it from nerves, out of habit, in desperation, the reasons are endless. That is why we pay such special attention to their construction. Two sizes (Cassic & Master), ease of access, spill-proof closure and a wide climbing-brush holder. And what’s more, no two are the same! The chalkbag has ample capacity, is constructed from a durable cotton fabric — hard-wearing and abrasion resistant yet pleasant to the touch.

  • Made from cotton and recycled fabrics.
  • Traditional drawcord closure.
  • Wide climbing-brush holder (Classic)
  • Double climbing-brush holders (Master)
  • Conic Designe (Master)
  • Available in many different colours.
  • Weight: 95g (Classic) 110g (Master).
  • Made in Catalunya.
  • Classic 15,95€ Master 21,95€