Inside CHC



CLIMBING HARD COMMUNITY was born several years ago during a van-trip through Europe, searching out the best climbing areas. Engaged in this ‘journey-without-end, we began to think about the perfect chalkbag and this eventually became our first product, made on a simple sewing machine using odd scraps of recycled fabric. The result was better than we could have imagined and the response from fellow climbers using the chalkbags overwhelmingly positive.


From these humble beginnings we developed more products, always with a design philosophy born from our daily experiences on the rock, which allows us to fine-tune each product until we are completely happy with it. This is how we are able to offer such high levels of quality and functionality.


The materials we use are meticulously chosen, both robust and hard-wearing, and where the design permits, recycled
fabrics are used. During the design process the most important aspect is that the material is able to adapt perfectly to the functional requirements of each product. Development, innovation and the search for new materials is a constant
feature of our philosophy.


CHC products are made exclusively in Spain, meaning quality control is first-rate throughout the manufacturing process.


Our mission statement is that we offer functional, hard-wearing products for rock climbers, made with the smallest possible environmental impact..